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Mission Statement

Mousa Art Initiative’s (MAI) mission is to support and mentor artists by providing communal studio spaces where they can inspire each other as they explore their own potential. 

MAI will connect and nurture artists from vulnerable communities – those who lack access to artist facilities, as well as artisans seeking professional development opportunities – and prevent them from falling through the cracks. Because we see artists as an important part of a healthy and well-developed society, MAI will educate people, leaders, and companies about the essential role artists play in fostering equality, equal opportunity, environmental responsibility. Therefore, MAI will respond to the need to expand arts into every aspect of our lives and in all places. MAI is inspired to branch out to every state and many countries around the world opening creative spaces such as this. Art is joy. Art is life. Art is healing. Art is community. We have never needed art more than we do right now. Our future depends on it. 

Get Involved

Our mission is to raise money from renting the gallery space for events to directly offset the cost of the Artist’s studio spaces. When you rent with our partners, you contribute directly to benefit the artist community and the mission of MAI.

Artist Studios

MIA offers subsidized climate controlled studios starting at $250 / month (includes utilities) with programs that exhibit the artists and offer the gallery for rental.

Event Space

We offer 3 museum-quality gallery spaces that can be rented to hold events including birthdays, anniversary, educational programs and more ideal for parties ranging in size from 30 to 60 guests.

Wellness Studios

MIA rents a portion of the space for wellness studios. Wellness studios are ideal for massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and other holistic practices.

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